After targeting western countries for years, This cyber espionage group Promethium has shifted its focus towards India as claimed by cyber security experts. The group compromises the downloaded files to steal the data from the devices of users. Even they are stealing your encrypted communications. Promethium even made inroads to exploit the most widely used software.

promethium targets india

This group is operating since 2012 but it has been difficult to track down and can't be attributed to the single actor. This group is also known as the StrongPity3.  

Talos is the cyber threat intelligence unit of American technology conglomerate Cisco Systems reported that when user try to download the legitimate software over the internet, This notorious group direct them towards the malware and they end up giving the important information to them even without knowing. In some cases they exploits those downloaded files and steal the information from the system.

Talos reported that Promethium’s footprint is expanding. “The samples related to StrongPity3 targeted victims in Vietnam, Colombia, India.” There has been several campaigns reported to be led by Promethium group.