In this program we take an input n for which we will find the factors. Factors of a number n are those numbers which can completely divide the given number n. So, In this program we will input the number n and will iterate from 1 to the number n and will output those numbers which will divide the input number n completely. C++ Program to find the factors of a number is given below.



using namespace std;


int main()


    int number, factor = 1;


    cout << "Enter the number to generate its factors : " << "\n";

    cin >> number;

    cout << "The factors of " << number << " are : " << "\n";

    while (factor <= number)


        if (!(number % factor)) {
            cout << factor << " ";


    cout<< "\n";

    return 0;



factors of a number n c



c++ program to find the factors of number n