C++ Program to find the factors of a number.

In this program we take an input n for which we will find the factors. Factors of a number n are those numbers which can completely divide the given number n. So, In this program we will input the number n and will iterate from 1 to the number n and will output those numbers which will divide the input number n completely. C++ Program to find the factors of a number is given below.


C++ Program for Matrix Subtraction of same order

This C++ Program will show  the  subtraction of two matrices having same order. First program will initializes the matrices, subtracts each corresponding element of the two matrices and puts the value in the third matrix.

 C++ program which demonstrates subtraction of two matrices having same order is given below. The C++ program is successfully compiled and run on a Linux system. The program output is also shown below.

LinkedIn iOS App Caught Reading Clipboard - Says It is a Bug

Linkedin caught copying the clipboard on every singly keystroke on iOS app. The issue is discovered in iOS 14 beta version. This intrusive behaviour of the Linkedin iOS app is discovered by a developer who goes with the twitter handle @DonCubed.

Basically there is an upgrade to the iOS14 version in which iOS14 gives a notification every time an app or widget reads the clipboard text.

Promethium group spying on Indians

After targeting western countries for years, This cyber espionage group Promethium has shifted its focus towards India as claimed by cyber security experts. The group compromises the downloaded files to steal the data from the devices of users. Even they are stealing your encrypted communications. Promethium even made inroads to exploit the most widely used software.

Simple Java Program to explain constructors in Java

We know that all objects that are created must be given initial values. We can do this by two approaches. The first approach uses the dot operator to access the instance variables and then assigns value to them individually. But it can be a tedious approach to initialize all the variables of all the objects individually.

Strings In Python

Though Python doesn't have the character data type, even a single character in Python is also considered as string of length 1. Some important and basic things to know about the Strings in Python along with the examples are following:

1. Strings in Python can be created using the single, double as well as with triple quotes quotes. In Python, you can create a string with a double quoted character or word in it.